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GOLD-CROM was born in 2012 due to the lovely passion for motorbikes and the decorative dessign in custom motorbikes. In this sense, we considered that this passion should be used to create and innovate high quality decorative items. Actually, it is possible to find items built using plastic or alignment pieces with a low cost. However, the idea to improve the actual market with a genuine style and using a sophisticated techniques and materials, such us metal or natural rubber, was decisive. The elegance of chrome steel allow to built items with high quality to keep up over time. In fact, this is the philosophy of GOLD-CROM.

Taking account the knowlodgement in artistic drawing, the first innovation was focused on the American Eagle.

After many hours of work, GOLD-CROM was forged.

GOLD-CROM and its industrial collaborators have created this collection of high quality pieces for people who want something different for their mount.

In addition, our products can be bought directly from our partner Girona Custom with the same guarantee and price as GOLD-CROM.

What do we offer you in GOLD-CROM?

An image viewer is shown to display a list of pictures according to the design, manufacturing of our GOLD-CROM products. Moreover, you can access to the complete list of our products and buy them via online.

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